Mid Week Pennant

Mid week Pennant Teams      —   Semi Finals  25th Feburary

Format below may be subject to change

Tea Roster —  

Note— Location for Finals to be Decided

 Division 1–  Morwell Undercover

 Division 2– To Be Held at Traralgon Undercover

 Division 3– To Be Held at Traralgon Undercover

Teams Lead Second Third Skip
Team 1 I Belling G Davis K Currie P Hammond
Warragul vs Traralgon G King P Gallasch S Melsen J Gallasch
Captain – S Melsen J Vickerman S Pallot G Draisma E Hefford
Umpire /
Team 2 J Bell M Draisma G Atkinson M Keefe
Warragul vs Morwell Club F Lay B Currie D Thomas C Wilkins
Captain – M Keeffe D Ferguson K Brown M Baldwin  R Rippon
Umpire – 
Div 3
Warragul vs Garfield G Thomas T Holland M Evison GL Mitchell
Captain – G Mitchell B Clark B Barby T Young B Maloni
Umpire – J Kydd L Mason S Gedye F Axford
Cars – 

Emergencies – K Wilkins