Men's Section

Below are the  2018/19 AGM Election results  for

The  office bearers in the Men’s Section:



Bill Dye


Vin Roche


John Vickerman - 5618 9604


Peter Cusden

Immediate Past Chair

Keith Wilkins





 Selection Committee Chair -- Bob Currie

Selection Committee

N Arkarsu, B Currie, P  Simmons , John Vickerman , Gary Thomas


Tournament Committee Chair  -- Peter Gallasch

Tournament Committee

Peter Gallasch, Janette Gallasch,N Arkarsu , G Thomas , Ian Belling


Committee Members

P  Simmons ,V Roche , P Gallasch , J  Bell , K  Brown , G Cobban


Publicity Officer

Peter Gallasch


WGBD Delegate

Bill Dye