Saturday Pennant Teams

Team Selections for Saturday 20 January 2018


 Division 6 has a bye this week so there are quite

 a few on standby in case of an emergency.




  Lead Second Third Skip
 Div 1        
 Umpire : P Gallasch S Melsen D Smith  T Wallace C Padgham
 Home v Morwell Club I Belling K Wilkins P Gallasch J Gallasch
 Manager : I Belling R Collins D Alderman S Pallot G Davis
  J Vickerman D Stephens B Clappers K Scammell 
 Div 2 K Landman R Hammond T Sullivan J Moyle
 Away - Traralgon 2 G Draisma B Barby M Smith P Wood
 Manager - R Hammond  K Currie A Kidd P Simmons N Akarsu
  T Holland A Mc Donnell P Hammond B Currie
 Cars - Leads        
 Depart 11.35         
 Div 3 D Gatewood M Keeffe C Wilkins  M Hall

 Home to Yinnar

G Thomas Flynn Pallot B Downer E Porter
Manager:C Wilkins R Waring M Draisma D Lawrence  K Taylor
  B Kennedy K Brown E Hefford L Duncan
 Umpire - P Gallasch        
Div 5 W Boscombe Fletcher Pallot M Baldwin M Cousens
Away - Morwell 4 F Lay L Matthews B Clark D Piggin
 Manager: L Matthews J Kydd Greg Mitchell D Anderson V Roche
 Cars - Leads         
 Depart 11.45         
Div 6 Bye